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Dear foreign applicants!
All your questions you can ask by e-mail of our college:


(Salvation through knowledge)


The only thing that matters is human life.
To be a health worker means to make somebody recover to one’s normal health state. Apart from doctors there is a whole team of medical specialists who take care about our health. Among them are nurses, surgeon and laboratory assistants, obstetricians. A doctor is helpless without an assistant. It is their professionalism and work ethics that makes the health process work effectively: injections, treatments, sterility of medical devices and postsurgery patient care are upon their responsibility.
One has always two choices in life: to live or to create one’s own life. EVERYONE who studies at OUR MEDICAL COLLEGE. i.e. who chooses the life of a medical worker, full of love to people, humanism, grace and sympathy, makes a lifechanging decision.
We welcome everyone!

Do you want to receive a profound quality education?
Welcome to Grodno State Medical College!

We are ready and interested to cooperate with foreign citizens and to share our knowledge with you!

WHY is Grodno State Medical College to be chosen among applicants:
• Grodno is an ideal place for life and study. The city’s comfortable and friendly atmosphere will make you feel home.
• Foreign citizens study at the College since 1993 year.
•During this time, citizens from India,Turkmenistan, Ukraine,Russia, Azerbajan, Moldova, Pakistan has studied at our College.
• The college collaborates with educational and research centers from Poland, Moldova, Russia and other countries.

We will be glad to see you among our students!

In 2017, Grodno State Medical College invites applicants to the following departments:

2-79 01 31 Nursing
Nurse, after full secondary education. The term of education 1 year 10 months (full time education).
2-79 01 04 Diagnostics medicine
Medical Technologist, after full secondary education. The term of education 1 year 10 months (full time education).
2-79 01 01 Therapeutic practice
Surgeon assistant and obstetrician. Physians’ assistant on outpatient care, after full secondary education. The term of education 2 years 10 months (full time education).
2-79 01 34 Medical massage *
Massage therapist , after full secondary education. The term of education 1 year 10 months (full time education).
*only for the visually impaired

THE EDUCATION FEES on January 2017:

For international students

At our college, are organized the studying courses "Russian and Medical Terminology". The cost of studying is 100 $USD.

Application documents:
• application letter;
• certificate (document) of secondary education, including the studied subjects and the marks (grades) obtained at the exams; the grades on biology and chemistry are obligatory;
• certificate indicating the absence of HIV infections, issued by the state public health authorities of the country of origin of the applicant;
• medical report on health check issued on the territory of the Republic of Belarus (issued after obligatory medical assignment by the College);
• copy of the birth certificate notarized in accordance with the established order;
• 6 photos (3x4 cm).

-An identification document is presented by an applicant in person.
-All the above mentioned documents in a foreign language are to be attached with their notarized translation into Belarusian or Russian.
-Admission committee has the right to request additionally for documents that can influence the decision-making on the admission of an applicant.

Citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan have the right to apply into the College:
1. on the ground of centralized test results (passed on the same rights that citizens of Belarus have;
2. on special conditions provided for foreign students – after an interview the language level for the study is recognized. The necessary level is the one sufficient to undertake the chosen study program.

Application process for foreign students includes Russian language interview.

The study begins (for 1st year students) – September, 1st – 15th 2017

Foreign students are provided with students’ hostel. The month payment is 25$ USD.

One should care also for the following expenses:

• obligatory medical insurance for one year – 225 USD;
• obligatory medical diagnostics – 100 USD;
• registration at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus – 60 USD.


After the application documents are considered, follows:
1. the execution of the temporary residence permit for a foreign student (for 90 days term) issued at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus (issued during the first three days from the moment of Belarus border crossing). Otherwise, a foreign citizen will be deported!
2. The first medical diagnostics at a polyclinic.
3. Accommodation at the College hostel.
4. Introductory interview.
5. Execution of a contract with a foreign citizen.
6. Total medical diagnostics on the territory of the Republic of Belarus assigned by the College.
7. The payment of fees and for hostel accommodation.
8. The admission decision letter ordered by the head of the College.
9. The execution of the temporary residence permit for a foreign student (for 1 year term) at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus



All the details on the application of foreign students, as well as on receiving an invitation for educational purposes and on the accommodation services, you can find:
•at the address: 230030, Grodno, BLK str., 53,
• by phone: +375 152 44-73-11
• fax +375 152 44-73-01
Вернуться 5230

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